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ITkonekt 2019 – IT Month

ITkonekt is a growing regional IT community. Once a year, we gather the entire IT scene in one place during the ITkonekt event. This event consists of a number of segments happening at the same time: IT Job Fair, IT Conference, Gaming Segment, IT Stories, together with the various other workshops and secondary events.

We collaborate with over 150 IT companies, more than 12,000 IT experts, and over 150 foreign and local lecturers who’ve been speaking at our conferences, as well as with the numerous IT organizations and the media.

Following the 2018 IT Week, ITkonekt in 2019 grew into a whole Month dedicated to the IT industry – the fastest growing industry in Serbia and the Balkan Region. We wanted to display the size and significance of the IT scene all across Serbia. Besides Belgrade, we gathered IT communities in several other cities and growing IT centers of Serbia such as Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Kragujevac and Zagreb.

ITkonekt 2018 – IT Week

In 2018, for the first time we organized a whole week dedicated to the IT industry. We gathered three IT scenes in three big IT centers in Serbia: Belgrade (April 14, 15), Niš (April 17) and Novi Sad (April 20, 21). In each city, there was a Fullstack Conference for Frontend and Backend Programmers and an IT Job Fair held at the same time. During those seven days, we successfully gathered over 5,500 IT experts, 25 foreign and local lecturers, some of which were the IT experts from Google, Microsoft and PayPal. In addition to that, we had the creator of CSS speak at all of our conferences in all of the host cities. Over 60 most important IT companies in Serbia introduced themselves at our events during those seven days.

ITkonekt 2017 – The biggest IT event in Serbia and the region

ITkonekt 2017 was the third ITkonekt event in a row. It had gathered the biggest number of IT companies and IT experts up until its time. At this very event we introduced a novelty which enabled visitors to find new jobs in a futuristic way – via virtual connection bracelet. At the entrance, each visitor received a bracelet that had their e-mail address and Facebook account info. At the IT companies’ booths, visitors could automatically receive current job vacancies in a given company just by pressing the bracelet to the booth. The event also included a two-day IT conference for the experienced programmers, held at the same time. The renowned international IT lecturers from the US, Switzerland, Lebanon, Bulgaria and Romania spoke on the topics such as the PHP testing, Laravel and Docker, Java, Maschine Learning, IoT (Python), the VR apps creation, etc.

ITkonekt 2016 – The biggest IT event in Serbia

Since we first organized an event in 2015, ITkonekt 2016 had become the biggest IT event in Serbia. Besides the offline part of the event that included the IT Job Fair, IT Conference and the Game Space Segment, we also organized an Online ITkonekt. That was a unique project because it gathered the regional IT scene on our virtual platform which hosted the online conference. The best IT companies, organizations, start-ups and gaming companies from the region made their presence known there. Link for more details.

ITkonekt 2015 – The first IT job fair in Serbia

ITkonekt 2015 was the first job fair in Serbia dedicated only to the IT industry. This was also a unique IT event in Serbia that had gathered the whole IT scene in one place for the first time – IT companies, IT experts, IT organizations, international IT lecturers. Within this event, for the first time, we simultaneously held an IT Job Fair, IT Conference with the international lecturers and a Game Space Segment dedicated to the gaming industry. We’ve kept this concept since it allows for everyone in the IT community to find something for themselves.